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      Over the many years of preforming roofing projects, Accu-Rite Roofing has had the patio deckoppurtunity to assist our clients with a range of different construction  work. We put our years of experience to work for you by providing a wide range of services beyond simply roofing services. We regularly repair fascia, siding, dry wall, carpentry, and gutters. We also are aware that working with one contractor instead of multiple companies can cut down on the coordination and stress involved in extensive projects.

     The rehabilitation of apartment complexes is just such a situation and a need that exists on a constant basis. We know that apartment complexes are constantly attempting to ready apartments for renting. Maintaining and repairs imageupgrading the property and existing structures is also important to maintaining occupancy. We can work with Management Companies and owners to develop an effecient and appropriate plan to tackle whatever defecencies may exist. Contact us to discuss your concerns and we will meet you on site to preform a survey of your issues. Accu-Rite is committed to helping our client's quickly resolve their construction related problems.


     Carpentry is a very broad tern but Accu-Rite can preform basicallyall carpentry work. Whether you need a chimney cricket/saddle installed, a deck constructed, repair to a damaged structure or an addition to your home, let us know. We will give you a competitive cost and an extended warranty.

       The replacement or repair of siding can improve the look of your home in a very positive way. In our experience, the change can be night and day. We have experience with all different knids of siding whether it be masonite, vinyl, or T1-11. Contact us about your options.

 fascia - sideviewOften overlooked, fascia on a home is common place 

fascia - rothomeowners experience wood rot. This can be helped with metal eave strip at the perimeter of your homes' roof. It serves to redirect water away from the fascia, avoiding the damage that occurs from years of water running down and penetrating the wood as it flows off the roof.

Dry Wall

      In the roofing industry, dry wall and roofing repairs go hand in hand. Usually the first time a person knows they have a roof leak is because of cieling water stains or damaged dry wall. e can quickly repair such damage and can do extensive dry wall replacement if necessary.  It doesn't need to be due to roof leaks either. If you want to maintain a rental property or remodel a room give us a call and we can give you a bid at no cost.


      Accu-Rite Roofing has helped numerous  apartments bring added value and attractiveness to their propereties by painting, repairing siding, creating proper draninage on site, and repairing water damaged balconies. Some issues are asthetic, others are structural which require immediate attention.balconey - before after

      A recurring problem apartments experience are balconey repairs. We are very familiar with this type of carpentry work and can get started from one day to the next to eliminate the possibility of danger to tenants. Staircases can also be an issue which require immediate service. Call us and we will quickly respond. 

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